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Emergency Preparedness for Medical Facilities and Government Agencies

As a U.S. based-manufacturer of medical products, we develop products and services that are used every day by emergency first responders, hospitals, and government personnel. In response to the rapid and ever-increasing demand for high-quality medical equipment, we provide a variety of life-saving products for a range of medical professionals.

Our IV extension sets and needleless IVs reduce the risk of workplace needlestick injuries and leaky ports. High-flow and low-flow connectors ensure the correct volume delivery and pressure for a variety of patients. Browse our design options to learn more.

Our Featured Medical Products

For more than 25 years, BioMedix-WAI has been handling the medical needs of all types of responders. From emergency services to public safety departments and government agencies, we’re there for you when it matters most. We develop a range of EMS medical equipment, including needless IV systems and IV extension products.



We save lives.


For over 25 years, Biomedix-Wai has been developing products that are made in the United States and are TAA-compliant. Our customers include U.S. military personnel, health care facilities, first-responders, and other healthcare municipalities. We are proud to develop and innovative healthcare solutions and specialty IV equipment at our manufacturing center in Bloomington, Indiana.

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of Innovative Medical Products