About Us

Our Mission

Biomedix-WAI is a U.S.-based manufacturer of innovative health care products and solutions. We have a 25-year history of proudly delivering U.S.-made, TAA-compliant products to our customers, including the U.S. military, municipalities and other health care providers. All of our specialty IV therapy and other products are made in our Bloomington, Indiana, manufacturing center.

Our Values
Biomedix-WAI is committed to quality, innovation and customer value. We are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing our customers with high-quality solutions. We treat our customers as true partners, striving each day to improve the quality of our service.
Our Goals

"Quality is our Priority"

• Focus on quality & regulatory compliance.

• Meet & exceed the needs of our customers.

• Increase inventory levels of new & expanding product lines.

• Introduce new & innovative IV-related products.


"I have been working with Biomedix-WAI as a distributor for a number of years and have enjoyed working with their tremendous team. The quality of the Biomedix-WAI product line is unsurpassed. Knowing that Biomedix-WAI is focused on providing products designed to improve patient outcomes makes me proud to be a partner of theirs. I look forward to seeing the new innovations Biomedix-WAI will develop in the years to come."

EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Nursing & Military

Biomedix-Wai Leadership

Jessica Oestreich

General Manager

J.T. Chambers

QA/QC Manager

Lori Wolford

Office Manager

Amanda McHorter

Production Supervisor