P01 – 102 Pressure Rated Extension Set


Biomedix-WAI is now introducing the new neutral, needleless pressure extension set for rapid administration of medication or fluids in an emergency.


This set measures 8” and features the (C01-001) Neutral Needleless Connector, Slide Clamp, and Luer Lock. This extension set is specially designed to tolerate the high pressure that accompanies power injection. The pressure set eliminates the risk of leaks and ruptures that can happen when using a non-pressurized extension set. The neutral, needleles PRN helps to guard against bacterial infections and prevention of accidental needle stick injuries during critical, emergency situations.


  • Neutral Displacement valve minimizes blood reflux in catheter
  • Priming volume 2.0ml
  • Pressure Rating: 400 PSI
  • DEHP free tubing
  • Sterile

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