Biomedix New Product Launch!

Biomedix is excited to announce two new IV administration products set to come to market in 2018! 

[C01-102] Neutral Needleless PRN Connector: Our new PRN helps Guard against bacterial infections which inhibits bacteria from entering the bloodstream through neutral displacement (local protocol dictates the use of this device). The clear design of the PRN helps visualize connector flushing and reduces the risk of bloodstream infection. The needleless design is a must in critical situations and the fight against accidental needle sticks.

[D01-102] 8 inch Extension Set: The extension set features the Neutral Needleless Connector (Item: C01-001), a Roberts Clamp and Luer Lock. The set was developed to give added flexibility and safety during IV administration.

The new products are set to launch at the end of Q1, 2018.  Please contact us for your free sample: