Our Mission

To our valued customers:

WAI Medical Technologies, LLC recently completed an asset purchase of Biomedix Inc., the Bloomington Indiana office and production location.  More resources will be devoted to the Biomedix-WAI operation to enhance customer satisfaction and continued superior quality for improved patient outcomes.

Our mission is to serve customers and improve patient outcomes with quality solutions.
For over 25 years our product has supported our customers with improving patient outcomes on a daily basis.

The current goal of Biomedix-WAI is to achieve the following:

  1. Increased inventory levels of all products
  2. Improved customer delivery times
  3. Improved service to municipalities and military requirements
  4. Introduce new USA made IV products such as extension sets and IV start kits. In addition, the innovative Biomedix team is being supported with FDA compliance, product development and sales support assistance.


We request all Biomedix customers to:

  1. Send Purchase Orders to Orders@biomedix-wai.com
  2. Inquiries regarding sales invoice, pricing or tracking contact Orders@biomedix-wai.com
  3. Send Product or Delivery complaints and all quality/regulatory matters to


Thank you for your continued dedication and attention to the above items.
Jessica Oestreich

General Manager