Both Y-sites are luer activated, includes a pinch clamp and a spin lock on the extension set. (81”)

Unique Features:

  • Eliminates the need for multiple IV sets. With Selec-3®, EMTs select 1 of 3 calibrated drop volumes without having to break a line.
  • Selec-3 features 2 "Y" port connections that allow a piggy back line and an open injection port for medication infusion.
  • It features an infusion intervention site to eliminate the need for an extension set, enabling response to critical patients' needs faster and smoother.
  • Selec-3 disconnects easily while maintaining its original infusion site and "Y" port. An 80" line comes standard and is enough to handle virtually every application.


Biomedix Select-3 I.V Sets are available in a variety of configurations. Our needle free sets are essential for the EMS worker and offer an affordable solution to workplace needle-stick compliance.


The utility of purchasing just one set ultimately saves money and valuable inventory space, while maintaining the quality expectations that the EMS market requires. Currently there are multiple variations of the SELEC-3® I.V. set available, including sets with the essential needleless luer locking Y-Site. All sets come standard with a pre-attached extension set complete with a backflow prevention device.